How Long Does It Take To Paint A House?

Want to paint your house but not sure how long it will take? This comprehensive manual will explain how long it will take to paint your home.

DIY house painting may sound like a good time, but it often becomes more of a chore than anything else. Whether you plan on doing the work yourself or hiring a professional, knowing how long the job will take can help you budget accordingly. Read on, and I’ll fill you in on the best paint colors for your home. Read this post to get an idea of how long you should set aside for each space. Then, multiply the time by the number of rooms in your home to get the total amount of time needed.

Planning ( 3-4 hrs) 

The process of painting a house requires careful preparation. Consequently, you need to consider the color scheme you wish to utilize in each space. Rever’s “color combination” feature makes it easy to see how your chosen paint color will look on the walls of each room. We know it might be tough to imagine how a given color will look on a wall, which is why we developed it. Following these instructions will reduce the amount of time spent on preparations by a large margin. Selecting and arranging paint colors for the home won’t take more than three to four hours.

Preparation (2-3 hours)

This is a crucial step in extending your home’s life. Since paint can stain furniture, moving everything out of the room is best before you start painting. You can use plastic and newspapers to protect the furnishings you can’t move. 

Primer (2-3 hrs for priming and 3-4 hours for drying) 

Painting on textured walls is a certain way to make your walls pop. However, texture greatly affects the appearance of paint on walls. A primer can cover up certain irregularities on the walls and give your walls an even texture if you are trying to do that.

Priming a room can take anywhere from two to three hours, depending on its size, and then you have to wait for it to dry before you can paint. Primers typically dry in around 3–4 hours, but this time frame might vary depending on local humidity and temperature.

Painting (3-4 hours for each coat, variable time for drying)

It’s possible to spend three to four hours painting a single room. Incorporating multiple colors and designs into a painting might extend the time. If you’re painting an entire room the same color, a wider roller will speed up the process.

Apply a second coat of paint for a good finish. Let the first coat dry before proceeding. Different paints require different drying time. For example, oil paint might take 6-8 hours to dry. Other paints can dry in less than two hours. Wait until the first layer of paint is dry before adding a second.

Cleaning (2 hours) 

You can start bringing in your furniture and tidying up the room once the home paint has dried and you’ve completed the painting process. Once the plastic coverings on the floor and any permanently installed furniture are removed, you may bring back in all the relocated pieces. Again, if you stick to this guide, you won’t spend more than 2 hours on this.

Generally speaking, you can paint a house in a day if you’re pressed for time; however, it can get chaotic if it’s your first time. The painting should take two or more days, so plan accordingly.

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