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    Wood protection and painting do more than just make the wood seem nice; it also reinforces it. Of all, not everyone who works with wood has aesthetic goals. Various sentiments can be associated with multiple pieces of furniture. That’s why we’re working on ways to strengthen the elements. Rever Wood Protection & Painting is a one-of-a-kind service. Our staff is aware that, regardless of the wood’s quality, there will always be environmental factors that might negatively impact the appearance and durability of your wooden furniture. Experts are available to assist you in bringing back the original luster and beauty of your furniture. It’s never a good idea to decorate a newly renovated or newly constructed home with dusty, old furniture. Our goal is to preserve the wood’s inherent beauty for the life of your furniture. That, and you’ll need to prepare it for extreme weather.

    Looking to apply paint on a wooden surface? It’s time for a new experience. It’s time to revamp your space.


    Before applying any finish to wood, whether stain or paint, it must be sanded; preparing the wood by removing dust, loose particles, and any existing glossy layer, if any, is essential for a long-lasting paint outcome. In addition, sanding wood requires going with the grain.


    Modify the Hue! The wood’s natural color will fade and become less appealing. You may get Mahogany or Teak wood grain patterns with premium wood stains. Satins are not limited to finishing processes; they can be applied before the application of any finish, including clear melamine or polyester. The appropriate hue can be achieved by staining the surface and waiting for it to dry.


    To Obtain a Transparent Finish, Wooden doors and furnishings can be polished to a high sheen for a luxurious appearance. The polishing process can be done either by hand (hand polish) or by machine. Whether the surface has been stained or is otherwise unfinished, it can be polished to a consistent tone by first applying a layer of chalk powder.

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    Reveritnow.com makes it simple to have your home or business painted by incorporating cutting-edge technology, automated processes, and a satisfaction guarantee. With Rever, you can streamline your painting project from start to finish online. The team here at Rever is committed to changing the face of residential painting forever.

    Our painting team will contact you as soon as possible. Then, at your convenience, we’ll send an engineer to help you select the best paint for your home’s needs and stay within your budget. Additionally, a fully personalised quote is emailed to you the same day (in the best of situations). Check out the dashboard, where you can see your estimate and the specifics of your measurements. Please get in touch with us anytime if you have any questions or want additional tweaks.

    Get in touch with us for any painting services you may want. Reveritnow is one of the top house painting services, offering interior and exterior painting and wood and metal finishing. We provide a high-quality service at a low price, making us the best value in town for residential painting.

    If you do a thorough internet search for “wall painters,” you may find various “house painting services,” from which you must select the most suitable. When you finally do, be prepared to discuss your ideal home’s design in detail, just in case the finished product doesn’t meet your expectations. All of you have this issue. No more Googling “painters near me” or “home painters near me”; we have connections to some of the finest local painting professionals.

    The extent of the harm must be considered. Light carpentry repairs, drywall patching, and stucco repointing are just a few of the services provided by the independently owned and run Reveritnow. The expert painters in your area can assess your work and make suggestions.

    You need not be there for the duration of the painting job. You are not obligated to be present during crew work hours if that is not what works best for you. Being present at the project’s inception is highly recommended. The neighbourhood paint crew will consult with you to determine the best method of daily project communication.

    Your local painting crew will cover and preserve the furniture and floors, but if there is an exceptionally fragile piece of furniture or an artefact that would be difficult to move, please remove it beforehand or tell the Job Site Supervisor.

    Nope! We’ll bring everything we need when we show up, including ladders. We will also get any paint you want from us. However, if you are supplying the colour, please have all materials, including any necessary primer, on-site when the work is scheduled to begin (if your project is scope for priming). There may be additional costs if the paint is unavailable when the painters arrive at your home.

    The quantity of glossiness in paint is the paint’s finish. Depending on your preference, you can choose a flat or eggshell finish or a semi-gloss.

    Because it is entirely non-reflective, a matte finish is excellent for hiding flaws. Since it is neither washable nor stain resistant, you will need to paint over any scribbles or spills. Renters can save the most money by painting their homes with a matte finish, the least expensive emulsion.

    Berger’s Bison Super Emulsion, Asian Paints’ Tractor Emulsion, The Silky Radiance of Nerolac

     And more.

    Although enamels are most commonly used on metal and wood, they can also create low-maintenance wall coverings. However, the high gloss makes any brush or roller markings readily apparent. Accordingly, enamels should be used only on limited areas of walls.

    When it comes to commercial and residential painting, no job is too big or too small for Rever’s team of professionals. Whether you need a bedroom, kitchen, or other surface painted (or wallpapered), Rever has an on-demand painting services provider with 5-star National painters and trained, experienced customer support teams committed to making the procedure simple and cheap for you as possible. A satisfaction guarantee backs the painting services we provide. Customers may also choose to work with Rever Painting professionals because of the company’s innovative use of cutting-edge technology and tools in estimating, managing, and executing painting projects.

    The walls and ceiling are inspected meticulously for any signs of water damage, seepage, or chipping because we are a professional service. We recommend sanding the surface and applying two coats of putty, a coat of primer, and two coats of paint if the current condition is unsatisfactory. Sanding, primer, and two coats of paint are recommended if the surface is in good enough shape.

    Before beginning the painting process, our staff would remove all permanent furniture and cover everything else with plastic and, if necessary, newspaper. We finish up by dry dusting and checking for any lingering paint splatters. This hassle-free service is included in our standard rates.

    We use a legitimate price structure; thus, yes. For any of us to be in the dark, we take precautions. Based on the products the customers have chosen, we calculate the paintable area and figure it out to get a final price. As part of this procedure, we measure the available wall space and narrow down the precise location for the new coat of paint. This means we dismantle everything from fixed furniture and cupboards to wall claddings and tiles before calculating the full cost. Because our measurements are precise and uncomplicated, we use measuring equipment based on Laser technology

    After the client approves the Quote, we then offer color consultation services. We use the mood and themes of each room to inform our color recommendations, which we back up with data from color spectrometers and color catalogues.

    For the most part, we have no formal ties to any particular brands. Customers have complete freedom of choice when it comes to the product brand. Every major manufacturer offers at least three distinct types of interior paint:

    • A cheap or primary emulsion
    • A higher-quality plastic paint
    • A washable emulsion

    People are familiar with the Asian Paints brand, and the company has a solid dealer network and acceptable product quality. For further variety, depending on what our clients like, we utilise paints from Berger Paints, Nerolac, Dulux, Sherwin Williams, and JSW.

    If you’re worried about the quality of our service, know that it’s guaranteed for a whole year. The rental/economy painting we conduct is not covered under warranty. The warranty covers any loss of color vibrancy or paints flaking off due to internal causes (not leaks, air cracks, or dampness).

    We’ve been in business for a long time and have a history of accomplished projects. The painting crew regularly receives possibilities for professional growth and advancement. So, clients have nothing to worry about regarding the painters’ abilities or quality of work. Plus, our site supervisor will monitor productivity and file reports on schedule.

    To begin, we power wash the area, use Dr Fixit or Asian Paints Crack filler to repair any holes or gaps, and then prime and paint the area twice. Contrary to the recommendations, we may need to apply a base coat rather than standard exterior cement primer if we utilise high-end products like weather coat paints.

    Since regular tap water is ineffective in dislodging stubborn deposits, we use a high-powered jet washer to clean the surface. Next, a hand wire brush scrub is performed to remove any remaining dirt and grime before the crack filler and primer are applied. We have access to everything from extension cords to pressure washers. Customers are only responsible for securing a water supply, though. As a matter of environmental concern, we take measures to reduce water waste.

    When we inspect a surface, we look for signs of water seepage or leaks to determine if waterproofing treatment is necessary. Minor air fractures are filled with acrylic crack fillers. Suppose there are significant cracks and water seepage is an issue. In that case, we use Acrylic crack fillers to seal the cracks, followed by three coatings of waterproofing membrane to prevent future water accumulation.

    We may also treat RCC terraces to prevent water seepage. Products with membranes that prevent molecules of water from penetrating the surface are what we prefer to utilise. We start by using a pressure washer and a wire brush to clean the surface and remove any algae or fungus that may have grown there, as well as any dust or debris that may have accumulated there. Next, we fill the holes with crack or cement-based fillers to prepare the surface for waterproofing. Afterwards, we prime the surface with a sealer and apply three layers of waterproof membrane coating in the proper sequence. You should wait 3-4 hours to use a new coat. In addition, we guarantee our waterproofing service for a full two years.

    Temperature absorbent therapy is another service we offer. The process takes two days and involves applying three layers of a substance with a high solar reflectance index (SRI), which prevents heat from penetrating the roof by reflecting the sun’s rays onto the surface. Roller-based application is straightforward and inexpensive. White and very light grey are the most common colours for these goods. It’s also useful as a waterproofing substance, however, only to a limited extent.

    Before we clean or paint the surface, we cover the floor and compound area with plastic sheets or covers. Before painting, we also relocate the garden and terrace pots to avoid ruining them.

    Rever should be responsible for any accidents during the painting process. We use safety equipment such as belts and ropes made of polyester and adhere rigorously to all regulations. Scaffolding will be an extra cost, or the customer will be responsible for arranging it if the job location needs it.

    Some safety measures should be taken before starting to paint.


    • Use muslin or a soft synthetic fabric instead of cotton cloths for cleaning. If not, the threads will get stuck, resulting in a sloppy, uneven look.
    • Avoid applying a second coat before the first has dried, or you’ll have a wrinkled, spotty finish and less sheen.
    • Don’t sand too harshly, or you’ll have scratches, roughness, and a dull finish.
    • Do not apply the paint in thick layers; doing so will result in a thick, rough texture and a longer drying time.
    • Don’t try to DIY paint mixing. Pre-mixed paints should be purchased as much as feasible to avoid uneven and splotchy column finishes.